Monday, October 17, 2011


A waterfall within a damp ravine of the rainforest in Goldstream Provincial Park, BC, I worked from a study done on site.  By further simplifying and abstracting the image, I drew the lines of movement and the exaggerated angles formed as rock and trees collapse toward the forest floor.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Motion Activated ( Page One)

Veronique MacKenzie (dancer/choreographer), Lukas Pearse (sound designer) and I have been working on a collaborative project involving movement, animation, and sound, with each of these elements responding and interacting with the other.  Last night at Nocturne in Halifax, we presented our explorations  to the public.  A truly absorbing and expanding experience, working with these two great professionals in other disciplines.  Thanks to Richard Rudnicki for help with set up, take down and photography.  Here are some images from last night.
View of crowd at gate with one of the projections above.

Looking down Granville Street with projection down the block.

Lukas Pearse, with his complex technical setup was the master puppeteer.
At 9, Lukas went off to another gig, after instructing me on how to run the sound, blend the videos with the live dance. 

View from Granville Street with all three projections. 
 All of the projections were manipulated from a master
 control program installed on Lukas's computer.

Veronique MacKenzie provided live movement for the grueling
 duration of the performance.   She was captured on infrared cameras
and her choreography interacted with the projected animations. 

My view for the night, Lukas' hand on the controls, 
Veronique  performing, and the crowd at the gates.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Daybreak/lily pond

A lily pond at midsummer:  how do you paint this subject without the cloying sweetness that florals often have, and yet maintain the feeling of 'pond'?  The dominant blue green suggests a gentler landscape; in the stillness of dawn wet grasses and lily pads balance in damp air and pond water.