Friday, March 30, 2012

Depths of Sorrow

We had an exciting rehearsal today, with all of the pieces coming together... Lukas Pearse creating an electroacoustic score, real-time video processing.  Infra-red sensors allow for Veronique MacKenzie to enter the animations; her exquisite choreography touches the heart.  I am so happy to be part of this collaboration.  Tim Tracey was invaluable in his technical and artistic advice. The following are several stills from the animation/videos.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Depths of Sorrow

I am working on an exciting project with Veronique MacKenzie(dancer/choreographer and Lukas Pearse (sound design) for the 100th memorial of the sinking of the Titanic.  The image is from video of Veronique taken by Tim Tracey and further developed by me... It will be an exciting show.  Please come!

" Large-scale projection pulls us into the haunting and tragic story of the maiden voyage of the Titanic with layers of animation and historical images. Combined with live dance performance and captured by infrared camera, they are woven into ghostly images using real-time video processing. This abstract narrative retells a story of courage and the ensuing darkness that overtook them on that fateful night. The immersive sound score draws into the emotion of the event and underwater imagery pulls us down to the final resting place and into the Depths of Sorrow.
Depths of Sorrow:
A multimedia performance with visual artist and animator Susan Tooke, audio/visual composer Lukas Pearse, and dance artist Veronique MacKenzie.
Performance Date: April 9, 2012Time: 8pm and 9pm
Location: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: Viewable from both inside the Small Craft Gallery or from outside the museum (Sackville Landing) Free Admission.
Supported by Titanic 100, Halifax Dance