Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chorus line of Vs

I have been here at Banff for about 10 days.  Veronique MacKenzie and Lukas Pearse are here working with me.  It has been wonderful working with these two dedicated artists.  We seem to be overcoming obstacles and getting on with the project which is starting to come together.  I have been going back decades to my days at the New School in New York, where I was immersed in animation of the stop motion sort, plus painting under the camera.  In the photo you see some of my figures which I am working with... miniature Vs have a life all their own.


  1. "I remember those days where the heat of the camera lights made the kitchen
    table curl up. I remember the tropical dream sequence with you waking up on one
    of our plant leafs in your bathing suit. This picture reminds me of those days
    in Carlstat... "
    Amy Morgan Young

  2. I remember setting up a darkroom in the basement with the three baths, the red light, an enlarger scavenged from somewhere, heavy blankets to must have been a closet or set up near the sink. It really worked well, making 8 X 10 black and white enlargments. Portraits, special effects and eery landscapes. The landscapes where mostly shot in the Ottawa area, and the winter ones at the farm with the old ruins were spectacular.